H488 Exam Study

I. Matching Questions/ 20 Matching Questions from Class-Examples (30 pts)

1. Juanenos

2. Pablo Tac

3. Richard Henry Dana

4. Antonio Maria Osio

5. Padrinos/ Padrinas

6. vagrancy laws

7. "gente de Razon"

8. "Digger" Indians

______first mission Indian to write account of his experiences

______pejorative term for California's Indian population

______Acegchemem (Acjachemem)

______Californio bureaucrat, landownder, & writer

______those who considered themselves to be "pure blood" Spanish

______godparents assigned at baptism, to teach converted

______"Two Before the Mast," Yankee Trader

______means of securing a labor force

I. Essay Question (80 pts) - You will have ONE of the following questions to answer in class:

#1 (30)

How did Native Californians adapt to colonization? To what extent have California native cultures survived or perished, and why? Answer the question using El Capitan, Ishi, TestimoniosLand of Despair and other readings.

#2 (10)

What three adjectives best describe Mexican/ Californio Culture in the decades before American takeover? Exemplify each and sum up.

#2 (40)

Evaluate the influence of American and "Gold Rush" culture in California based on class, the text, Smith, and Pfaelzer. What do you find are negative aspects of American culture? Positive? Evaluate negative and postive aspects of American cultural values in California, and then sum up your overall view based on these examples.