H417 Requirements & Grading


Points/ Percent Grade
Due Date

Presentation of Assigned Discussion Question

50 pts/10%

Throughout Class
Two Reading & Geography Quizzes

100 pts/ 20 %

(50 pts Each)

2/14 & 4/18

#1_______/ 50 pts & #2_______/ 50 pts

Two Midterms

250/ 50 %

3/14 & 5/16

MT #1________/ 125 & MT #2________/ 125

Term Paper & Proposal
100/ 20 %

Papers are due 3-7/3-28 OR 5/9 depending upon Topic

Proposal_______/ 10 pts; Paper_______/ 90 pts

500/ 100 %

There are NO MAKE-UP EXAMS and NO MAKE-UP DISCUSSION DATES. Late papers will automatically have points deducted, exponentially more the later it is turned in. Please turn-in only your work done for this class. Students who turn in plagiarized papers or work will automatically fail the class, with letters sent to your department. On the other hand, diligent work and honesty are heartily rewarded with the satisfaction felt in truly developing skills and earning your own grade, whatever it may be, proudly earning it on your own.

A significant portion of the exams will come from class material and assigned Discussion Questions, along with the reading. Coming to class will significantly increase your chances of passing--and also, please, be respectful of others in class. Arrive on time, be here "in the moment" by listening, commenting, and taking notes--and please, no texting or emailing. Please come see me with any questions or problems early in the term so I can help you address them.

The History Department has a Writing Help Center, and I will give you more information about it next week. I recommend that you plan ahead and make an appointment for additional help with the writing of your paper.


Use the following page as a guide when doing your

work, making note of the above deadlines.

Presentation of Discussion Question, 10 % (posted and assigned in second week):

You will be assigned a presentation question and date. On your assigned date, you should come to class with a typed page including the following:

1. Name, Topic, Discussion Date

2. Your PRENTATION QUESTION and # at the top.

3. A brief and concise outline of the answer to your question, including the examples you use to support your answer/ argument.

4. An emailed copy of the above, before your presentation, to: yamanan@gmail.com

Two Reading Quizzes, 20 %

Short answer and short answer essay, guide to be posted.

Paper & Paper Proposal, 20 %:

Paper Proposal (10 pts):

PURDUE OWL SAMPLE PAPER WITH CHICAGO STYLE REFERENCE NOTES & BIBLIOGRAPHY/ https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/717/11/

Begin as if you are working on a term research paper, and use the library and database resources (such as World Cat, Jstor, & EBSCO host, to name only a few). You can then select the most useful sources, and in writing your paper you are required only to use one to three—and this depends upon your topic. If you are writing about a person, then you should select out the best biography for your question. If you are looking at social history, for example, you may want to select information from several sources. You should also use class reading in forming your question and in writing your paper. Your proposal should include the following:

1. What is your question, your curiosity? (Perhaps inspired by a field trip)

2. List 10 sources which might help you answer your question (with full bibliographic citations, Chicago Style)*

3. List 2-4 of the above sources will be most helpful, why? Annotate these and explain why they will be helpful.

4. WHAT do you think you will find? Venture a hypothesis, what do you expect the answer to your question will be?

Paper (90 pts):

You can use the following as a guide for writing your paper:

1. Begin with your interest and your question--in first paragraph, include question, thesis, and reasoning (1-2 paragraphs)

2. Body of paper should be organized around YOUR reasoning/argument (1-2 paragraphs per supportive point, begin each paragraph with topic sentence then explain and exemplify the evidence)

3-Conclusion (1 very thoughtful paragraph for your conclusion)

4. Include FOOTNOTES or ENDNOTES (Chicago Style)

5. Include bibliography (again, Chicago Style)

6. Papers on Native California up through Early Progressive topics will be due on 3/7, and papers on Progressive or Twentieth Century topics will be due by the 5/9.

7. LATE PAPERS will have 5 points deducted the first week, 10 points the second, 15 the third, etc. Please turn you paper in on time, which means bringing a paper copy to class BY the due date. If you print your paper at the last minute, emailing me a copy does not make your paper "on time." A paper copy turned in before class begins and by the due date is considered "on time." Also, please have your paper stapled. (you can also turn it in before the due date) One way to have it done is to make sure your paper is completed at least a day before our class. The hard copy of your paper is the paper that I count as submitted.

8. Before or after turning in your paper, please submit a copy to turnitin.com, via our moodle page (which will be up by the third week). Submit your Moodle copy within a week of the due date, before or after.

Two Exams, 50 %:

The Exams are about 40% matching or short answer questions; and 60% essay. There will be examples of questions posted. You will be able to prepare for the essay question portion of the exam in advance as we will address these questions in class and they will be listed on our Exam Page and also they will be covered by the Reading Questions presented in class. (See Exam Study) The Geography Exams will be part of the regular exams. I will post a guide to this section of the exam so you will know exactly what you will be asked--from Indian tribes, to counties and major water sources (for example).