Assignment % Grade/ Points Points Earned Dates Due


Presentation of Curiosity, Possible Sources

Posting 3 Additional Questions arising throughout term on Canvas



Class Participation

20 %/ 100 pts

Presenting Question:______/ 40


1_____/ 5 2 _____/ 5 3_____/ 5 (15 pts )

Additional Postings: √+ Thoughtfully done; √ Acceptable; √-Less than Adequate; 0 = Not Done/ Not Requested Assigment

Wkly Participation:_________/ 45









_____/ 100


Assigned Week______________ ,

3 Different Weeks of Your Choice for posting your Questions:

1______ ; 2______; 3______

Wkly Participation (11 Days of Class = 22 Class Meetings, each full class counts for two Meetings, No Class on 20 Aug (last day)


ABS______/ 22; Lates______/ 11

Three Class & Reading Quizzes

40 %/ 200 pts (60 - 70 each)

#1-_______/ 60; #2-_______/ 70;

and #3- ______ / 70




______/ 200

Roughly Every Two Weeks

(#1 7/23 Tuesday; #2 8/1 Thursday;

#3 8/15 Thursday)

Three 6-8 page Essays

Please turn in a hard copy of your paper on the day it is due, shortly after, upload a copy to turnitin. I read and grade your hard copy, I only use turnitin for a plagiarism check.

50%/ 500 pts (100-200 pts each)

#1-_______/100 #2-_______/200

#3-_______/ 200




______/ 500

Each Due w/ Quizzes

(#1 7/23 Tuesday; #2 8/1 Thursday-moved to Tuesday 8/6;

#3 8/15 Thursday)

Three Take-Home Geography Questions (Qualitative)

2-3 Typed Pages

Please turn in a hard copy of your paper on the day it is due, shortly after, upload a copy to turnitin. I read and grade your hard copy, I only use turnitin for a plagiarism check.

40%/ 200 pts (60-70 pts each)



#3-_______/ 70






______/ 200


#1-7/19 Friday

#2-8/6 Tuesday

#3-8/15 Thursday


__________% Total Pts

1000 Total Pts. Total

_________/ 1000 Pts

_______Grade in Class

(Total: 1000 points 93% A; 90 % A-; 87 % B+; 83% B; 80 % B-; 77% C+; 73% C; 70 % C-; 67% D+; 63 % D; 60 % D-; 59% F)

Class participation is required, including participation in discussions. Additionally, the work of the class will be in completing three equally weighted written essays and three equally weighted quizzes. There are NO MAKE-UP EXAMS. Late work will automatically have points deducted--15 points deducted for the first week, exponentially thereafter. Please turn-in only your work done for this class. Students caught with plagiarized papers or work will automatically fail the class, with letters sent to the department and dean. On the other hand, diligent work and honesty are heartily rewarded with the satisfaction felt in truly developing skills and earning your own grade. If you put in the time, your writing and critical thinking skills will improve with each paper.

Please, be respectful of others in class. Arrive on time, be here "in the moment" by listening, commenting, and taking notes--and please, no texting or emailing.

I expect professional behavior from students, and respect for others. This means coming to class focused on our task of learning about California's rich history, and putting aside all communication devices and the outside world. Please come see me with any questions or problems early in the term so I can help you address them. Also, please do not sit in the middle of class, leave, and then return in the middle of class, disrupting our concentration. If there is a reason you have to leave in the middle of class, let me know and sit by the door--thanks, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and will be mindful of adequate breaks.


Use the following page as a guide when doing your

work, making note of the above deadlines.

Class Participation, Curiosities and Discussion

Students will share developed curiosities in class, along with posting questions throughout class. There are also organizing questions for each third of class designed to address major events and themes in California's history. There are no right or wrong answers for these questions, and in order to answer them you will need to build an argument. As you read, jot down examples that give you insight and ideas for answering these questions, and it is also helpful to note page numbers for sections of reading you find particularly significant. Concise notes will help you to come to class prepared for discussions with specific examples and, in turn, help you to develop your essays.

Three Quizzes on Lectures & Reading

Matching & Short answer Quizzes will be given every other Thursday(roughl). There will be 30 Matching Questions from lecture, and 2 short answer essays on the reading. Both knds of questions will be focused on major points of Lecture and Reading. A sample will be up by next Tuesday. How to prepare?

Matching Questions on Leture: Take notes, and pactice taking useful notes. Take them by hand, then type them up. Be sure to write down the major points, along with the examples used to illustrate them. You don't need to write down all the details, think about the main points made--engage with them, do you agree? Why or why not?

Two Short Answer Questions on Reading--the first quiz will be on El Capitan, the second on Thousand Pieces of Gold, and the third on the Seven States of California. What are the main points of the reading, what questions would you ask?

Three 5-7 page Essays

The essays are designed to help you to think about California's history (via lectures, film, and discussions), and to develop your ideas and interpretations. They will also help you to prepare for the quizzes and so are due 0n the day of the quizzes for this reason (except for the last one). These essays should be addressed to the broad themes of California's history, and are designed to help you develop an interpretation of past people, issues, and events. Essays should include a thesis argument, supportive evidence, and strong conclusions. In this summer session, you will focus on three different counties, writing your own travel guide. (More posted on the paper page).

Essays should also include Chicago style footnotes or endnotes, and a bibliography. Really, this is not a difficult task, so ask me (well ahead of time) if you have any questions about Chicago Style. You can find the basic citation style online at Chicago Quick Guide/ .

Along with a thesis argument, supporting evidence, and a strong conclusion--and Chicago footnotes or endnotes and bibliography, please include the following in your paper: Times Roman 12 Font, page numbers, double spacing, and reasonable margins. Please do not add any extra spaces between paragraphs.

Take Home Geography Final

You will have a take-home final, due by the last day of class (you will turn them in via turn-it-in)--there is no class meeting in the last week. You can potentially turn in your Geography Final over the weekend and then have a full week away before school begins. The Geography Final will be three qualitative questions about California's Geography base on reading and