Assignments & Grading

4 Reading Quizzes (200 points/ 25 % Grade):

Q#1_____/ 50 (9/14); Q#2_____/ 50 (10/5); Q#3_____/ 50 (11/9); Q#4_____ / 50 (11/30).

2 Papers, #1/ 3 to 4 pages & #2/ 6-8 pages (200 points/ 25% Grade):

Pap #1_____ / 40 (10/12) & Pap #2_____/ 160 (12/7).

2 Midterm Exams (400 points/ 50 % Grade):

MT#1_____/ 200 (10/19 Thursday); MT#2_____/ 200 (12/12 Tuesday 10:15).


T o t a l P o i n t s , 8 0 0 p o i n t s ( 1 0 0 %): _______/ 800; _____% ______Grade

93%=A; 90%=A-; 87%=B+; 83%=B; 80%=B-; 77%=C+; 73%=C; 70% =C-; 67%=D+; 63%=D; 60%=D-; 59%=F

4 Reading Quizzes, 200 points (25 % of Class Grade):

Short Essay Answer and/ or Matching or fill in Questions.

See our Quiz Page for Study Questions.

2 Papers, 200 points (25 % of Class Grade) :

The first paper is due no later than the week before the first Midterm, and the second paper is due no later than two weeks before the end of class. You are required to turn-in an actual paper by the Due Date, and then submit it to turn-it-in, via Canvas (within the following week). The paper you turn-in to me, in class, IS the paper I grade, this is the paper that needs to be turned in on time.

You will be using the text and class lectures to analyze the significance of various documents. Papers should include an argument and presentation of evidence, a thesis and a body of supportive examples. Include an engaging Introduction; clear Thesis Paragraph (to map out your paper); Paper Body to present evidence; and a strong Conclusion. Papers should also include Chicago-style footnotes or endnotes, and a bibliography (that includes only class reading and material, unless discussed with instructor).

The first paper should be 3-4 pages, and the second paper should be 6-8 pages.

See the Document Review page for more information.

2 Midterm Exams, 400 points (50 % of Class Grade):

50 Matching Questions, taken from class lectures and discussions (Significant Identifications, people, places, events, patterns).

Essay Questions are taken from Questions posted before the exams, derived from class themes. See the Exam Study page for more information.