H497 Fall 2014 Conference on Home Front Southern California

On your presentation day, please bring a typed outline of your 5 minute talk: Your original question; your thesis; an example of your evidence from your best source, and your good and bad research moments. Please be focused in addressing these questions, we will time each other and have a discussion after. Those listening are responsible for giving feedback--please share ideas with one another, even if there isn't enough time--please share after as well. Your feedback will help others to write better papers, and I will put up a moodle link. In this way, the presentations are work for both presenter and audience. Listen carefully and think of ways you might suggest the paper can be better.

Also, please arrive on time. We will have a panel of presentations followed by questions.

Charayah/ Popeye & WWII Propaganda

Partner: Janelle

Seth/ Los Angeles Garment Industry in the 1940s

Partner: Alex L.

Fabian F./ Press Coverage of the Zoot Suit Riots

Partner: Jactel

Alex L./ Russians in Hollywood

Partner: Seth

Jactel/ Sleepy Lagoon Judgement

Partner: Fabian F.

Noely/ Sex Education in the Baby Boom Forties

Partner: Marc

Fabian G./ Van Nuys, Los Angeles, and WWII

Partner: Michael F.

David/ Gerald Heard and Vedanta

Partner: Clayton

Michael C./ Captain America

Partner: Alex H.

Michael F./ Germans in Southern California during WWII

Partner: Fabian G.

Alex H./ Superman & 1940s Superheroes

Partner: Michael C.

Janelle/ Places Seuss Goes on Japanese Miscontrues

Partner: Charayah

Marc/ Government Propaganda in WWII Southern California

Partner: Noely

Glenn/ The Tokyo Club

Partner: Jason

Clayton/ Schizophrenia, Camarillo, and World War

Partner: David

Jason/ Night Clubs, Central Avenue, and Black LA during the WWII

Partner: Glenn

11 November Tuesday-Veteran's Day Holiday

18 November Tuesday

No Class/ Office Hours 7-10 PM 607 Sierra Tower

Rough Draft due before or by next week, 2 December by 10 PM

25 November Tuesday

No Class/ Office Hours 7-10 PM 607 Sierra Tower

Rough Draft due by today at the latest, by 10 PM

2 December Tuesday--Presentations & Rough Draft Critiques Due

7 PM// Class Business

War and Southern California Communities

7:10 PM: #1/ Glenn on Tokyo Club

7:15 PM: #2/ Michael F. on Homefront Germans during WWII

7:20 PM: #3/ Jason on Central Avenue Clubs during War

7:25 PM: #4/ Alex L. on Russians in Hollywood

7:30 PM #5/ Seth on Garment District Los Angeles

7:35- 8:20 PM: Questions & Ideas

8:20-8:35 PM Break

War and Southern California Communities

8:40 PM: #6/ Fabian G. on Van Nuys during WWII

8:45 PM: #7/ Jactel on Sleepy Lagoon Judgement

8:50: PM #8/ Fabian F. on Zoot Suit Riot Coverage

8:55-9:30 PM: Questions, Ideas & Summing UP

9th December Tuesday
7 PM// Class Business

Propaganda and War

7:10 PM: #1/ Marc on Government Propaganda

7:15 PM: #2/ Charayah on Popeye's Transformation

7:20 PM: #3/ Michael C. on Captain America

7:25 PM: #4/ Alex H. on Superman and Superheroes

7:30 PM: #5/ Janelle on Places Seuss Goes on Japanese Miscontrues

7:35-8:10 PM Ideas and Questions

8:10-8:30 Break

Ideas and the Creation of the Fifties

8:30 PM #5/ Noely on Sex Education

8:35 PM #6: Clayton on Camarillo State Hospitals and Schizophrenia

8:40 PM #7: David on Gerald Heard and Vedanta

8:40-9 PM: Ideas And Questions

9 PM Summing UP