H371 Midterm Exam Study/ Fall 2015


There will be two parts to the exam--Matching and two Essay Questions.

I. Matching (70 pts.): Your exam will have 50 Matching, Short Answer, or Fill-in questions, based on Class Material and the reading of your text. Study over your class notes for this section. (Four Sections--the first two with 15 matching questions each, and the next two with 10 matching questions each)

(Examples of Questions)

Thirteenth Constitutional Amendment                             ______Men paid higher wages in order to support their families
Fifteenth Constitutional Amendment                               ______Standard Oil
Andrew Carnegie                                                          ______activism based on individual rights
Gustavus F. Swift                                                          ______activism on behalf of the family
John D. Rockefeller                                                       ______abolished Slavery
Family Wage                                                                 ______ guaranteed freed men right to vote
National American Women Suffrage Association             ______Edgar Thompson Works
Women's Christian Temperance Union                            ______ vertical integration of meat-packing

II. Two Essays (125 pts) --You will have one of the following questions to answer for each section--one from A, and one from B.

A. Essay #1/ 40 pts

1-Evaluate Reconstruction, to what extent do you think it was successful in uniting Americans? In answering your question, be sure to explain the various stages of Reconstruction, its elements you find most successful and most problematic. Sum up with a strong conclusion about its overall success or failure (or both).

2-To what extent does expansion west provide an "American Dream" for those now finding themselves a part of the U.S.? Address a variety of groups and discuss the reality or rhetoric of opportunity for Americans. Include a strong conclusion about the relationship of the West to the expanding United States, to what extent does the West define what is "American"?

B. Essay #2/ 80 pts

4. Did changes in American "public space" in the United States between 1877 and 1920, from the Gilded Age to WWI, result in the political empowerment of a broader group of people? Why or why not? Discuss the American response to industrialization and the progressive political reforms in your answer. Use class lectures and discussions and reading examples in your answer.

5. Do you find that TR's role as president was more significant than those who came before, and if so, why? To what extent did he change the role of the presidency, or to what extent do you think it was transformed by historical events? Use class lectures and discussions and reading examples in your answer, and be sure to address imperialism and foreign policy.

Short Answer Question/ 10 pts

6. Name FIVE characteristics that you find critical to "modern" life in the United States.

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