H301 Historian's Craft Assignments and Grading




H301 Requirements
% Grade
Points/ Week Due
Participation/ You cannot pass this class if you miss more than 2 weeks; Discussion Preparation & Participation

Abs________; Lates________ / throughout term

Short Interpretive Essay 10 ____________ /100 Pts due Week Two

Reading Summary, One Chapter

(Choose Favorite Chapter, by topic)


50 Pts/ Week Three

Chapter of Choice _______/50 Pts due 9/14

Proposal: Draft, Critique, & Final

200 Pts/

Draft Proposals ______/ 25 due 9/14

Critique _______/ 25 give copy earlier to partner and give one to me by 9/21

Final Annotated Proposal ________/ 150 due Week Four, 9/21

Primary Source Notes and Essay


150 Pts/

Primary Source Notes _________/ 25 due 10/5 & _________/ 25 due 10/12

Primary Essay due _______/ 100 due Week Eight, 10/ 19

Reading Quiz


Reading Quiz _________/ 100 due 10/26 - Moved to 2 November

Two Secondary Book Reviews & Articles Review


100 Pts/ Book Rev #1 (60) ______/ 40 due 11/2

Book Rev #2 (40) ______/ 40 due 11/16

Article Reviews (20) _______/ 20 due 11/2 or 11/16

Historiographic (Secondary) Essay

100 Pts/

Historiographic Essay Due 11/21 Tuesday________/ 100

Rough Draft, Rough Draft Critique, & Final Paper


150 Pts/

Rough Draft ______/ 25 due by 11/30 Thursday

Rough Draft Critique ______/ 20 due by 12/7

Final Paper _________ / 100 Pts due 12/14 by 5 PM
Presentations, Outlines, & In-Class Critique of Projects


50 Pts/

Presenting your Research/ Paper Outline & Thesis ______ / 25 due with your presentation 11/28; 11/30; 12/5; & 12/7

Being Present & Critiquing Others ______/ 25 due with your presentation 5/2-5/11

100 %

*1 Wk Absence = -20 Points; 2 Wk Absences = 50 Points; More than Two Wks of Absences = you cannot pass the class.

Please Note: You cannot pass this class if you miss more than two weeks of our class meetings. In this class, students will be graded on the completion and quality of various assignments—in other words, you will be graded on the PROCESS of research and writing history, not solely on the final paper. The emphasis of this course is primarily on developing individual reading, research, and writing skills. Additionally, there is some emphasis placed on cooperative support. Your scholarly research and writing will be both much improved and more efficiently completed with feedback from others. Historian’s Craft is a demanding class designed to provide students with strong foundation skills for successful work in other critical thinking classes—so set aside enough time to do your best work. PLEASE READ SYLLABUS & NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

1-Some classes will be devoted to individual meetings, so it is critical that you don't miss scheduled classes. Attending class is essential, and absences will only be excused in documented emergencies.

2-Again, the first part of the class is the most difficult. WORK HARD on your proposal and the rest of the semester will beWONDERFUL!

3-The above is key to your success in the class and is worth repeating: The first part of the class is the most difficult. WORK HARD and the rest of the semester will be WONDERFUL!

4-Please make deadlines even if an assignment is NOT fully completed or NOT completed to your full satisfaction. Making deadlines is an important part of this class, and you will always do better to turn in the work you have done.

5-ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS; you should have your assignments due a day earlier so they will be finished. Get in the habit of turning-in what you have completed. I will not accept late summaries, and I will not accept major assignments turned in later than one week after they are due.

6-At the same time, please don’t miss class because an assignment is not completed. Class participation has an impact on your grade,and your presence will make up for any points lost on a late assignment. DON’T FEAR FACING YOUR INSTRUCTOR over late papers, for as you know, it is far more scary to face the work itself after deadline. Besides, I promise not to threaten you in any way! I am your coach, and my job is to challenge and encourage you to do your best work. (Please don’t disrespect your instructor, either).

Late Papers/ Assignments: -10 pts for the first week--again, no late summaries.

7-Read syllabus, assignments, and some required reading TWICE, then ask questions, the first class excepted.

8-IF you HAVE TO MISS CLASS, which we have already established is NOT A GOOD IDEA, then CALL/ TALK TO ANOTHER STUDENT to find out what you missed. If you still have questions after you have talked to other students, then please come seeme or send an email. It is your responsibility to get notes on material missed first from another student. When you go FIRST to the instructor, you are asking the instructor to teach the class twice. However, after talking to other students and getting notes, it is sometimes a good idea to check in with the instructor to double check your understanding. It is NEVER a good idea to ask an instructor after missing a class, “Did I miss anything?”

9-Historian’s Craft is a good place to learn how to be a good student, to learn what is expected of you, and to find out how to get the most from your classes and teachers. FOR THE MOST PART, then, NO question is a bad question —so when in doubt, ask.