Partners & Presentations

Rough Draft Partners/

Fall 2017 Draft Proposal Partners

1-Amanda & Tomas

2-Zac Campbell & Jessica

3-Zac Larson & Kyle

4-Kevin & Daniel

5-Jeff and Pedro

6-Joel and Melqui

7-Lorena & Christian

8-Shakira and Oscar

9-Jacqueline and Ryan

10-Sanders & Brian

11-Jack & Garrett

12-Dylan & Marissa & Miguel

H301 Fall 2017 Conference:

Expansion, Political Economies, Reform & WWI


Please be on time and respectful of others during presentations--you are also graded on being present and thoughtful regarding classmates' papers. The idea here is to help each other to write the best papers possible, so be thoughtful of others as you would like them to be thoughtful of you. If you have some ideas regarding someone's topic and there is not enough time to discuss it, please talk to them after class. Your feedback and thoughts provide critical help. Your "presentation" grade is based both in telling us about your research, and in being present for the others and engaging in their topics and sharing ideas.

Bring your typed outline, as discussed in class, the day of your presentation of research--each presentation to be 5 minutes. On your typed outline include 1) your question; 2) your answer, your thesis (as well developed as you can get it); 3) an example of your evidence from your primary sources, perhaps a quote or event or story that illustrates the nature of your research; 4) the "joys and concerns" of your research project, including what you would do differently the next time (in H497).

28 Nov 2016 12-1:45

9:30 AM Class Meeting - Class Business

9:40 Presentation of Research (5 Min Presentations)

A-Urban and Western Expansion

1-Amanda on the Chinese Massacre in Wyoming

2-Zac Campbell on Chicago

3-Tomas on HH Holmes & Serial Murder

4-Jessica on Immigration to New York

B-Leadership and Political Economy

5-Zac Larson on Andrew Carnegie

6-Kyle on Carnegie & Rockefeller

Class Discussion: Questions & Problems

30 Nov 2016 12-1:45

9:30 AM Class Meeting - Class Business

9:40 Presentation of Research (5 Min Presentations)

B-Leadership & Political Economy (continued)

7-Kevin on Henry Ford

8-Daniel on Early Economic Regulation


9-Jeff on Ida Wells Barnett

10-Melqui on Washington & Dubois

11-Joel on Washington, Dubois, & the Meaning of Race

12-Pedro on Jim Crow

Class Discussion: Questions & Problems

5 Dec 2016 2-3:15

9:30 AM Class Meeting - Class Business

9:40 Presentation of Research (5 Min Presentations)


13-Lorena on Jane Addams

14-Christian on Regional Reforms: Jane Addams and Western Settlement House Movement

15-Jacqueline on Child Labor

16-Shakira on Labor Reform

17-Oscar on Kate Kennedy & Labor Reform

E-Politics of Reform: Populists, TR & Wilson

18-Sanders on Populist Reform

19-Ryan on TR's Childhhod

Class Discussion: Questions & Problems

7 Dec, 2016

9:30 AM

9:40 AM Presentation of Research (5 Min Presentation)

E-Politics of Reform: Populists, TR & Wilson (continued)

20-Jack on TR's Domestic Program

21-Brian on Woodrow Wilson & WWI

F-WWI & Modern World

22-Garrett on the Political Peace of WWI

23-Miguel on Chemical Warfare

24-Dylan on the Effects of Modern Weapons on Soldiers

25-Marissa on Shell Shock

Class Discussion: Questions & Problems