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History & Geography  
H417 Exam #1 (100 Points)

I. Matching Questions/ 15 Matching Questions from Class-Examples (30 pts)

1. Juanenos

2. Pablo Tac

3. Richard Henry Dana

4. Antonio Maria Osio

5. Padrinos/ Padrinas

6. vagrancy laws

7. "gente de Razon"

8. "Digger" Indians

______first mission Indian to write account of his experiences

______pejorative term for California's Indian population

______Acegchemem (Acjachemem)

______Californio bureaucrat, landownder, & writer

______those who considered themselves to be "pure blood" Spanish

______godparents assigned at baptism, to teach converted

______"Two Before the Mast," Yankee Trader

______means of securing a labor force

II. Geography (10)

1. Know the Geomorphic Provinces (see Map Page)

2. Know the where to find the following tribes: Costanoan, Esselen, Salinan, Chumash, Gabrielino, Luseno, Ipai, Tipai (See Map Page)

III. Essays

I. Essay Questions

#1 (20 pts)

What was the impact of colonization on the native California population--to what extent have California native cultures survived or perished, and why? Answer the question using class points, Ishi, and article readings.

#2 (40 pts)

Drawing upon all readings and class discussions, characterize life in Mexican California--how did life in Mexican California contrast with that of the Americans and their increasing numbers in the 1940s?