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History & Geography  


1. 15 Matching Questions (as in first Midterm, 30pts.)

2. Geography (50 pts.)

In Fradkin, we have read about the "Profligate Province," California's "Deserts, the Sierra, and the "Fractured Province," along with his introductory "Approach." For your geography portion of the exam, I will ask you to write three paragraphs on ONE of these regions--so please prepare all of them.

In the FIRST paragraph, please describe the DEFINING geographical attributes of the region of each region here that we have read about so far. Consider landforms, climate, flora and fauna, etc., and consider the most significant aspects of the region's geography. Begin with a general description of the area, in your own words, as if you are describing the region to visitors who have never been there.

In the SECOND PARAGRAPH, tell us Fradkin's thesis for the area, and sum up the history that he finds most defines these regions. Read through the whole chapter, then summarize his characterization in your own words.

Finally, THIRD, do you agree with his characterization of--for example, the deserts? Why or why not?

(prepare for this by rereading the chapters, and then outlining answers in your own words)

3. Essay (70 pts.)

Gold Rush to Pre-Progressive Reform: Organizing Question

(Outlining an answer will help you prepare for the essay question)

From the era of American takeover to the 1890s, years of pre-progressive reform, do you find Americans particularly greedy or particularly concerned about justice and the legal adjudication of grievances? Is the "rule of greed" or the "rule of law" most important? In other words, do you find more conflict or cooperation among groups brought together in the Gold Rush? Do you find examples of both? Do you find changes over time? (Be sure to address the Gold Rush, and then the years of merchant, Labor, and early reform dominance.) Take the information from class, the text, and additional articles and readings to make your argument. Below is a table you can use to prepare your essay, if you find it helpful. As you read and find examples of either--greed or cooperation, you can make a note in one of the columns and perhaps write down authors and page numbers so you remember. In this way, you can have specific examples written down and ready to incorporate into your essay.

Era/ Topic Major Events & Issues Political Economy

Society & Culture

Individual People Misc
Gold Rush

1848 -1852

Merchant Dominance


Labor Empowerment



Pre-Progressive Reform, Rise of the Middle Class




H417 Exam #1 (100 Points)

I. Matching Questions/ 15 Matching Questions from Class-Examples (30 pts)

1. Juanenos

2. Pablo Tac

3. Richard Henry Dana

4. Antonio Maria Osio

5. Padrinos/ Padrinas

6. vagrancy laws

7. "gente de Razon"

8. "Digger" Indians

______first mission Indian to write account of his experiences

______pejorative term for California's Indian population

______Acegchemem (Acjachemem)

______Californio bureaucrat, landownder, & writer

______those who considered themselves to be "pure blood" Spanish

______godparents assigned at baptism, to teach converted

______"Two Before the Mast," Yankee Trader

______means of securing a labor force

II. Geography (10)

1. Know the Geomorphic Provinces (see Map Page)

2. Know the where to find the following tribes: Costanoan, Esselen, Salinan, Chumash, Gabrielino, Luseno, Ipai, Tipai (See Map Page)

III. Essays

I. Essay Questions

#1 (20 pts)

What was the impact of colonization on the native California population--to what extent have California native cultures survived or perished, and why? Answer the question using class points, Ishi, and article readings.

#2 (40 pts)

Drawing upon all readings and class discussions, characterize life in Mexican California--how did life in Mexican California contrast with that of the Americans and their increasing numbers in the 1940s?