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H417 Exam #1

Dear Class: Your first exam really includes your geography homework and your paper--again, do your own work. Quotes without quotations and copying words from your classmates is plagiarism and will be treated seriously. Pleas do your own work.

The work for the first part of class is not worth as much as the last two sections of class, designed to allow you time to accustom yourselves to the class. Here the first exam is worth 30 pts. However, I have added 20 extra credit points to the essay section.

I. Matching Questions/ 20 Matching Questions from Class-Examples (10 pts)

One section with 15 matching questions, like those below, and one section with 5 questions.

1. Juanenos

2. Pablo Tac

3. Richard Henry Dana

4. Antonio Maria Osio

5. Padrinos/ Padrinas

6. vagrancy laws

7. "gente de Razon"

8. "Digger" Indians

______first mission Indian to write account of his experiences

______pejorative term for California's Indian population

______Acegchemem (Acjachemem)

______Californio bureaucrat, landownder, & writer

______those who considered themselves to be "pure blood" Spanish

______godparents assigned at baptism, to teach converted

______"Two Before the Mast," Yankee Trader

______means of securing a labor force

III. Essays (40 pts Includes 20 pts Ex Credit)

I. Essay Questions

#1 (20 pts)

1) How do Native and Spanish Cultures compare, and to what extent do native cultures persist into the Mexican era (and beyon)?

#2 (20 pts)

2) How do you characterize Mexican society in California, and what examples best reveal the nature of Californio life?