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Below is our class schedule, any changes will be posted on our Home Page.

Part A:

First CA/ Beginnings to American Takeover

How did Native, Spanish, Mexican, & Californio Peoples relate to the environment? How did their attitudes toward the environment compare, and why? Use examples from class, & the text.

Week #1 (8/29):

  • Introduction to Class & Class Themes

WEEK'S READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 1; Companion to California History: Waldie & Walker; Atlas of California, Chapter 1: "Land and People"; and Eyewitness Travel, 1-63.


Week #2 (9/5) : Indian and Spanish California

  • Who were the California Indians?
  • To what extent did the Spanish transform Native California

WEEK'S READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 2; Companion to California History: Tanghetti; and Fradkin,"The Approach" & "Profligate Province," Seven States (emailed).

Everyone is responsible for Week 1 & 2 Reading, for Discussion on Thursday


Week #3 (9/12) : Osio's California

  • How do you characterize Mexican California?

WEEK'S READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 3; Companion to California History: Igler; Fradkin, "Deserts," Seven States (emailed); and "Los Angeles" in Eyewitness Travel, 64-199.

Note: Regarding the Atlas and the Eyewitness Guide, read through these for major themes and sites. For the Atlas, study over the map-based information, then write down three significant themes that you find, noting the persuasive evidence that supports them. For the Eyewitness Travel, write down three of the sites you find most compelling from the assigned sections. The Atlas and Eyewitness Travel are additonal sources particularly addressed to your papers--though please use other class reading where you find it insightful. You should "mine" class reading for all points significant to your "county," and then you can add county or state websites, along with educational or organizational websites, almanacs, periodicals, or books.

WORK DUE: DISCUSSION LEADS Chad (Week 1 Reading), Miles (Week 2 Reading), Celina (Week 3 Reading)


Week #4 (9/19) : "Contested Eden"

  • American Takeover

WEEK'S READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 4; Companion to California History: Valerio-Jimenez; and "Northern California" in Eyewitness Travel, 438-523.

WORK DUE: DISCUSSION LEADS Ina-Mae, Nicole W., Cecilia & PAPER #1 (Due Thursday)


Week #5 (9/26) :


Part B:

American (& S.F.)Century/ Gold Rush to 1906

From the era of American takeover to the 1890s, years of pre-progressive reform, do you find Americans particularly greedy or particularly concerned about justice and the legal adjudication of grievances? Is the "rule of greed" or the "rule of law" most important? In other words, do you find more conflict or cooperation among groups brought together in the Gold Rush? Do you find examples of both? Do you find changes over time? (Be sure to address the Gold Rush, and then the years of merchant, Labor, and early reform dominance.) Use examples from class, the text, and The Age of Gold.

Week #6 (10/3): GOLD RUSH!

  • Gold Rush!
  • American California
  • Donner Party (Film)

READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 5; Companion to California History: Sackman & Johnson; Fradkin, "The Sierra," Seven States (emailed); and "San Francisco" in Eyewitness Travel, 300-437.

WORK DUE: DISCUSSION LEADS: Irlanda, Henry, Vivian


Week #7 (10/10): Economics of Social Control

  • Merchants & RR Capitalists

READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 6; Companion to California History: Deverell & Romero; and The Atlas, Chpt. 2: "Politics, Governance, & Power."

WORK DUE: DISCUSSION LEADS Stephanie C., Jennifer F., Jessica Josephine


Week #8 (10/17): Rise of Labor

  • Rise of Labor, Boss Politics

READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 7; Companion to California History: Vaught; Fradkin, "Fractured Province," Seven States(emailed); and The Atlas, Chapter 3: "Economy & Industry."

WORK DUE: DISCUSSION LEADS Mien, Jacqueline, Gabriela


Week #9 (10/24): Early Reform and the Middle Class

  • Early Economic Development of Southern California
  • Early Progressive California & the rise of the Middle Class

READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 7; Companion to California History: Kurashige; The Atlas, Chapter 4: "Urban Areas;" "Southern California" in Eyewitness Travel, 200-299.

WORK DUE: DISCUSSION LEADS Chelsea, Kirsten, Jasmin & PAPER #2 (Due Thursday)


Week #10 (10/31): Second Midterm Exam

No class on Tuesday!


Part C:

A Small Nation/ Twentieth Century California

Does a California identity (or identities) emerge in the twentieth century? How do you characterize the State's economic development in the early years of the century, the 1920s, the 1940s & 1950s, and the 1980s? What examples of social movements do you find from 1880 to the 1920s, the 1930s, and the 1960s--and who do these social movements represent? How do you characterize California politics, especially from 1880 to 1920, in the 1930s, the 1950s, the 1960s & 1970s, and the 1980s? What groups of people are most successfully represented in these years, and why? How are economic, social, and political developments related to race, ethnicity, class, and gender? Given economic, social, and political developments, how do you characterize culture in Twentieth Century California?

Week #11 (11/7): Twenties and Great Depression California-Political Economy

  • Early Twentieth Century Society and Political Economy

READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 8; Companion to California History: Dochuk & Wartzman; Fradkin, "The Great Valley," Seven States (emailed); and The Atlas, Chpt. 5: "Water & Energy."

WORK DUE: DISCUSSION LEADS Michael E., Jose F., Christine P., Chloe


Week #12 (11/14): WWII & Suburbia

  • WWII
  • Postwar Growth

READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 9; Companion to California History: Verge & Bernstein; Fradkin, "Land of Water" in Seven States (emailed); and The Atlas, Chpt. 6: "Evironment."

WORK DUE: PRESENTIONS: Hannah, Briana, Marc


Week #13 (11/21): Sixties, Reform & Free Speech

  • Civil Rights Era California

READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 10; Companion to California History: Smith & May; and The Atlas: Chpt. 7: "Health & Education."

WORK DUE: PRESENTATIONS: Kevin K., Taelyr, Melissa


Week #14 (11/28): Limits, Challenges, and New Right

  • Era of Limits, New Challenges, Orange County

READING: Competing Visions, Chpt 11 & 12; Companion to California History: Leonard, Hing & Sonenshein; and The Atlas: Chpts. 8 & 9: "Inequality and Social Divides" & "Challenges Ahead"

WORK DUE: PRESENTATIONS: Kevin L., Julia, Abril & Paper #3 (Due Thursday)


Week #16 (12/5): Midterm #3