Telling Stories

Based on your final paper, you will each have ten minutes to tell you story--be sure to bring in an written outline on the day of your presentation that includes:

  • Your thesis, your overall answer to your question (as best you can answer it); put this at the very top of your paper and your outline
  • Three to Six Stories (depending upon your topic) that exemplify and illustrate the reasoning behind your thesis argument
  • A Conclusion or Final Story that best sums up or illustrates your overall argument
  • Bring pictures and power point,s yet work on the art of story and words to draw pictures in our imaginations
  • Please be here on time both days, both for your own presentation and for others

This written outline should also be an outline of your paper--It is a short paper, so take some time to write it well, to make it interesting. Think about the story format, and include a beginning, middle, and end.

Fall 2016

1 Dec Family Generations and Immigration  
7:15 Alma (Great Grandfather) Mexican Worker: Wahington State and California  
7:25 Danny S. (Great Grandmother) Joan Costello's Biograhy  
7:35 Ivan (Great Grandfather) Silva Family Immigration and the Bracero Program  

Reina (three generations grandmothers) Women's Opportunities in My Family

7:55 Danny D. (three generations) Sanchez in Name  
8:15 Break  
8:30 Paola (mother) Family Migration  
8:40 Harout (parents) How My Parents Met  
8:50 Alejandro (parents) Family History  
  Family Issues  
9 Marsha (Alzheimers) Family Coping with Alzheimers Diseease  
9:10-9:30 Questions and Thoughts  
8 Dec    
7:15 Jenna (special needs) Families and Community: We Are All Different  
7:25 Allie (family & the law) Family Law: By the People, For the People, or Is it?  
  Historical Moments and Conditions  
7:35 Nazely (Dad, Rev of 1979) Father's Experience Living in Iran, 1979  
7:45 Taylor (Latin America, Poverty) Deportation  
7:55 Andrew (LA Uprising) Race Clash  
  Matt (Political Views, Boomers & Millennials) Generations!  
8:15-8:30 Break  
8:30 Yessica (Veteran) From Veteran to Civilian  
  Contemporary Student World  
8:40 Elmer (student debt) Generational Student Debt  
8:50 Alison (sororities) What is it about the Greek System? Sororities' Impact on Schools  
9-9:30 Questions and Thoughts  
3 May 16

Networks of Immigration and Family

  Guillermo Hernandez: Family Journey
  Daniel Aburto: Immigration and Obstacles

Regina Paguia: Immigrant Life in the U.S.

  Daniel Cano: Family, Immigration, and National Identity

Hayk Arutyunyan: Impact of Armenian Genocide on Generations


Karina Ortiz: Chicano Power and Youth


Jesse Deering:

Childhood Memories and Civil Rights


Ken Peterka: Football and Technology

  Asia Ladage: Generations and the Acceptance of Gay Marriage

Miguel Carillo:

Gender Identity and the Lives of Drag Queens

  Lizette Ocampo: Transgender Life #1
Administering to Veterans 
  Philip Bustos:  Experiences with VA Health Care 
  Baris Kourdou:  The Politics of the VA  

Struggle of Labor 

  Marc Crossland:  Impact of the Fifties and AFL-CIO Merger 
  Apostolos Gatzas:  Teacher Strike!  

Sensing Place:  The Valley & Route 66 


Tiffney Sandford:  Perceptions of The Valley 


Fabian Gonzalez:  Imagining Route 6 


Joseph Lonigro:  Y2K & The Apocalypse



First Day 29 November

1-(7:10) Lidia Azouz on WWII

2-(7:20) Michael Wyszkowski on Cold War

3-(7:30) Patrick Shanahan on Housing Segregation

4-(7:40) Joshua Tuszynski on Burbank

5-(8:20) Don Burke on Community and the Northridge Earthquake

6-(8:30) Charles Melshenker on Cold War Military Service

7-(8:40) Romeo Pendon on Filipino Navy Service

8-(8:50) Chris Choi on South Korean view of Service in the Middle East

9-9:30 General Discussion of Stories

6 December

9-(7:10) Jeanette Beaulieu on Immigration from Canada

10-(7:20) Alma Montoya-Delgado on Mexican Immigration

11-(7:30) Ben Yakobi on Philippe's Restaurant

12-(7:40) Jeff Smith on Successful LA Restaurants, Maurice

13-(8:20) Seth Dardashti on LA's Fabric District

14-(8:30) Cody Owens on Women's Movement

15-(8:40) Kailyn Aaron-Lozano on NCOD

16-(8:50) Tyson Ernst on CSUN's Marching Band

9-9:30 General Discussion of Stories