History Paper Guidelines

You will write THREE interpretive essays focused on different counties in California (three counties total). Choose ONE county from the South/ Coast; ONE from the North; and the other should be from the inland--choose a variety of counties. Please include in your essay:

1-Geographical Descriptions (Geomorphic Provinces, Climate, and basic Plant/ Animal Characteristics (I will be giving you a checklist)

2-Significant history that has shaped the nature of the county

3-Any historical stories that are especially appealing to you

4-A basic interpretation of the region (Fradkin Reading will serve as an example)--your overall conclusions about the character and nature of the county. You will want to consolidate your conclusions into a THESIS to put at the top of your paper.

The Travel Guide and Atlas of California are assigned especially for your use in these papers, and you may also use the California State Website, along with individual county websites. The Fradkin reading is a good example of what I am looking for in your essays. Use the text, Fradkin, the Atlas and the Travel Guide.

Please include Reference Notes in your paper, Chicago Style. Cite all information used, and for a style guide on the notes, please see the website listed on the Assignments page--you can also come by the office and I'll show you (and please, not the day your paper is due).