Ventura School Children c. 1915

  • Boston Molasses Disaster
  • 18th Amendment, Prohibition
  • Seattle General Strike
  • Grand Canyon becomes a National Park
  • Schenk v. U.S.
  • American Legion formed in Paris
  • Eugene V. Debs in Atlanta Federal Peitentiary for speaking out against the WWI Draft
  • Paris Peace Conference and Treaty
  • Boston Telephone Strike
  • U.S. Anarchist Bombings ( leading to Red Scare)
  • International Labor Day Riots in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Charleston Race Riots
  • (Red Summer)
  • First Transatlantic Flight (US Navy)
  • UCLA Established (2nd Oldest in UC System)
  • Eight Mail Bombs (Anarchist Bombings)
  • 19th Amendment (sent for ratification)--OMG! Women can Vote!
  • Goodyear Airship catches Fire, Chicago
  • Chicago Race Riot
  • Socialist National Convention; Communist Labor Party of America; Communist Party split and conventions in Chicago
  • Florida Hurricane
  • Steel Strike 1919
  • Will Brown Lynched in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Elaine Race Riot in Arkansas
  • Black Sox Scandal
  • Boston Police Strike
  • Volstead Act
  • Coal Strike 1919 (John L. Lewis)
  • Palmer Raids (on Second Anniversary of the Russian Revolution)
  • American Legion founded Minneapolis, Mn
  • Centralia (Washington) Massacre, American Legion and the IWW
  • Sigma Delta Pi (National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Socity) at UCB
  • Red Scare Deportations, including Emma Goldman
  • Babe Ruth sold to NY Yankees, $125,000
  • World League Against Alcoholism est. by the Anti Saloon League

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"History is the essence of innumerable biographies.”

Literary Historian Thomas Carlyle 1830

“A people’s cultural aesthetic is not different from their economic or political aesthetic; it is just visible to us in different form. Elements of material culture, such as quilting, are in fact illustrative of a particular way of seeing, of ordering the world.”

Historian Elsa Barkley Brown 1989


The purpose of The Historian's Craft to provide CSUN students with basic skills used by historians. It is an important class for history majors, and for all students interested in analytical thinking about our past. There are four important goals for students in this class:

1. To understand "what is history," and to learn to think "historically"

2. To learn the basic tools of the historian: An awareness of your ideas, your questions; an awareness of the ideas of others expressed in secondary sources; use of evidence and primary sources; research skills and how to find information

3. To design, research, write, and rewrite a research paper in one semester

4. To learn general skill required of a successful seminar student, especially for those taking the proseminar, or those interested in graduate school

In class we will discuss historiography, the use of various sources, the process of doing research, the use of critical skills, and then apply historical methods to individual research projects. Students will develop a research topic, then write a proposal, a primary source essay, book reviews, a historiographic essay, and finally, put together a 15 to 20 page paper.