Hello, my name is Bryce Jepsen and I am your TA for History 417.

I graduated last year from CSUN with a history major and a focus on LGBT history. I have studied the Civil Rights' Movements in the 20th century, from the Stonewall Rebellion to the Black Cat Riots (the first LGBT resistance fight). I first fell in love with LGBT history because we actually never learn anything about it, and I have always had an interest in studying subjects that people ignore. I have a specific focus in the LGBT movements in California, and I hope that if anyone is interested in learning more about LGBT history, you will find me as I am more than willing to help guide your interests. I also have a love for California history in general, hence my TA-ship for this class.

I can help with any of the assignments, your questions or class concerns. If anyone needs to talk about lectures, I can also help and am also available if you just want to come by to say hi. You can also email me anytime, though I won’t respond quickly on Tuesdays or Thursdays because I have class. Yamane and I have scheduled the days I will be doing lectures, and I hope all can attend. The first will be on 11/15 and this one will cover WW2 and the migration of LGBT people, people significant to the LGBT movement in California. The second lecture is on 12/2, and I will cover the LGBT history of LA, which is one of my main interests, so this will be very important for me to share. My hope is that everyone will enjoy what I am teaching, and that it broadens your ideas about the range of possibilities for historical study. Yamane is a great professor and I hope everyone gets to get to know her throughout the year.

If you need help, please find me in Yamane’s office, Sierra Tower 607, on Fridays from 12:00 – 1:45 before class, or after class, find me in our room (I'm on campus until 6 PM). My email is bryce.jepsen.502@my.csun.edu.